Friday, October 31, 2014

MakerSquare Day 47: Maybe locking myself in my room with the disease wasn't such a good idea after all (10/4)

I didn't get a lot of work done (or oxygen to my brain) today, which is a little disappointing. (Well, the oxygen thing is slightly more than disappointing.) But it does bring up something--in a round-about way--that I'm not sure I've talked about but which has been on my mind:

Why did I leave writing for code?

Well, I didn't really: I still enjoy writing fiction and plan to continue with it in the future. I just left behind the field of freelance non-fiction writing.

(Except for blogging, which you may notice I've kept to like a barnacle.)

As much as I enjoy writing, so much of it is solitary work. And, as I've been reminded by my unintentional quarantine, code can be solitary--but it can also be team-work. Even if you're not in an organized team, you'll find that an open-plan office leads to some interesting cross-pollination.

At the very least, when I'm at the MakerSquare office, when I hear someone talking about some interesting code--either an interesting solution or an interesting problem--it can sometimes get me thinking about something useful. Or when I run into a problem, there's usually someone around to talk it out, whether the other person provides a solution, a hint, or merely a willing listener while you solve your own problem.

In writing, that's not so much the case. Don't get me wrong: if you're working on something, you may have people you can turn to, whether it's your writing group or just a friend willing to read something. But there's not really that same sense of team-work and collaboration.

And that is one reason why I really don't like being stuck at home, sick, right now; and it's one reason why I decided to move into a coding career: I like teamwork.

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