Friday, October 17, 2014

MakerSquare Day 37: Double your time projections (8/4)

Today we talked about some issues with our final projects. 

The first idea of which is we will be responsible for several final projects. Which is nice for people like me who (a) have many ideas* and (b) are interested in everything.

The second issue is that, damn, final projects start in a few days.

Third: We need at least one individual project, but our second could be a team project (as long as we have pretty strict separation of concerns, so that we can individually point to a project and say, "I did X on this project, and your company is interested in X, so...").

And fourth, when you scope our your project and think about how many hours it'll take--double that idea, because that's how long it'll take.

So, that's fun.

No, seriously, I can't wait to go through my list of ideas and find some that are (a) doable, (b) interesting, (c) involve interesting technologies, and (d) doable. And yes, "doable" is in that list twice. 

*Note: "many ideas" does not equal "many good ideas."

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