Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MakerSquare Day 44: A different type of hackathon (10/1)

Today we had a hackathon, but not the usual kind. Today was our--

Resume Hackathon!

I'm probably just using bold here to make it sound more exciting. To be clear: the idea of going out on the job market; of going to interviews; of getting my first job in web development--all of that is very exciting to me.

But writing and revising a resume isn't as exciting as embarking on a lifelong career in a field that I'm kinda crazy about.

(Have I ever told you guys about meta-programming in Ruby? It's when you write code that then goes and WRITES MORE CODE. As a long time fan of infinite loops, the idea of code writing code makes me very happy.)

Part of the general (I think) lack of excitement when writing resumes is that resume writing is a lot more cramped than writing code.

Or rather: if I give you a coding challenge, you could probably think of five ways to code out a solution; and if any way fails, you'll get an error message that tells you how to fix it.

Man, I love feedback.

Unfortunately, resumes don't offer the same level of detail in their feedback. You get less "undefined variable" or "stack level too deep" and more "no thanks" and ::crickets::.

For me, with my big change in career from ex-PhD candidate and education writer to programmer, it's interesting to see how much of my resume is no longer relevant. Although maybe I should leave some of that in. Wouldn't you like to work with a web developer who once taught a class on 19th-century science fiction?


(Actually, now that I think about it, I think my teaching experience really does help me with both public speaking and with translating certain concepts into more easily digested forms. So, it's going back in the resume, people! Along with my improv classes at the Second City.)

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