Thursday, October 30, 2014

MakerSquare Day 46: Hackathon ::cough cough:: (10/3)

At MakerSquare, Wednesday and Thursday are given over to a hackathon--late nights, food provided, and lots of coding on the second final project.

Here at the DevHouse, my Wednesday and (probably) my Thursday are given over to a lot of cold medicine and vitamin C and tea. It's kind of a bummer in the way that minor illnesses during final project weeks are kind of a bummer. I'm supposed to be working my portfolio now, but instead most of my energy goes into getting tea. (Never again will I take my electric kettle--still at home in San Angelo--for granted.)

Ah well, I guess the only thing I can do now is get better soon.

That said, during my brief lucid moments--when the cold medicine kicked in--I did find an interesting tutorial on using Angular in a Chrome extension.

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