Thursday, October 16, 2014

MakerSquare Day 36: Zombies, Run! (8/3)

This is going to be a little departure for me in terms of content: instead of talking about our coding challenge (a Caesar Cipher, which was very fun), or what we learned in school (Rails, which is also amazing), I'm going to talk about an app I finally broke down and bought: Zombies, Run!

Here's the pitch: you start the app when you run, and you get messages about what's going on in the world around you--except the world around is overrun by zombies, with ruins and disaster. So you'll get notes about how you picked up supplies, but you'll also get notes about how zombies are chasing you and you have to speed up.

Pretty simple on that end (and we're ignoring the part where you rebuild the town), but effective. I mean, when I run (note: I've run three times in my life), at some point I'm liable to slow down. I could run with other people, but it's hard to find other people who (a) run around your same optimal pace and (b) are around to run when you want to. This way, I carry around a little bit of motivation with me, both for running more often (because the story is fun right now) and for pushing myself (when the zombies are chasing me).

So now, to bring it back to MakerSquare (and our upcoming final project), how do I use this example of a solid product to inspire me?

Or maybe I should just pretend that zombies are chasing me all the time and the only way I can escape is to code? Can I make Zombies, Code!

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