Saturday, October 25, 2014

MakerSquare Day 43: A very little view of a week's worth of work (9/5)

When we did our hackathon, I was in a team of four people; Kelsey and I had whiteboarded (with our TA Ben's help) the night before and focused on our minimum viable product, with a whole bunch of extension possibilities; and the four of us had pretty distinct responsibilities.

So when I look at my current project and compare it to my hackathon project, I don't feel terrible that this project is not as advanced. I mean, we had 4 * 2 programmer-days for that, while I've only had 5 * 1 so far for this.

That said, I'd like to take the focus off of me for a second--just a second, mind--and talk a little bit about the cool things I've seen my peers make. Now, not all of this is ready for prime-time, but I don't think anyone would mind me talking about, for instance--

A neat little web app for playing pong (all in JavaScript);
The neat front-end design of a recipe box (with some very nicely done CSS);
The figuring out of the interface with Yelp API or Twitter API;
A large content management system service;
A well-constructed financial modeling system;
A way to get info from that pays attention to the performance issues;
A front-end only collection of math/science tools with a really nice panel system;
A neat list-sharing app with a great in-place editing system;
The updated and improved version of the hackathon flash card app and the ping pong tournament app.

Like I said, they're not all done. But when I look back at what my peers have done before and see what we're capable of doing now, I'm very proud.

Bonus: yesterday we had a meeting with some people from Ivity Labs, an offshoot of SpringBox, including a MakerSquare alum; and today we had a MakerSquare alum from Lou Malnati's in Chicago come by. All of which adds up to this:

When we started, we weren't that good; now, we're a whole lot better; and with just a little more experience, we have the capacity to be a whole heck of a lot better.

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