Friday, October 24, 2014

MakerSquare Day 42: Stone on stone--until ... (9/4)

I don't have anything to show you right now. I'm not entirely sure when I will. (There's a possibility that I don't have any website to show you to, but only some screenshots since we build most of our apps on our computers; porting these local "sites" to other sites can be done, but may not be worthwhile at this stage.)

But rest assured, when you spend several days moving stones, eventually you will have...

... something resembling a pile of stones.

That might not sound like much, but I'm actually very excited. Because--and watch this metaphor of stones get extended--sometimes it can feel like you're hitting your head on a stone wall and not accomplishing very much. But sometimes some stones get dislodged with enough hitting. And then you might notice that some stone that you're looking at is actually the perfect shape to rest on this other stone that you just happened to be looking at.

(I don't want to over-dramatize the importance of happenstance and luck; but if you've spent as much time in libraries as I have, you know sometimes the important book is right next to the book you went to find. Almost the same could be said for coding: you can go research AJAX calls and instead find a cool Ruby gem for editing in place.)

All you need is time, a head hard enough to survive repeated pummeling, and the will (and curiosity) to keep going on moving stone after stone.

(To be more--ahem--concrete, today we learned about Promises in JavaScript (which is a way to chain asynchronous calls); and I got my database tables all re-written to do what I know think they should do.)

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