Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MakerSquare Day 40: Masonry (9/2)

I thought of a really funny--and also insightful and humane and most of all, humble--joke to start off today’s post; but it was quickly forgotten during today’s grind.

“Grind" might be the wrong word to describe today’s work on my final project #1. When I hear “grind,” I imagine one stone … ::looks up synonym for “grind”:: … pulverizing another. Slowly, thoroughly, with great and terrible purpose. So after a full day of grinding, I expect a lot of dust and debris--and not a lot of stone.

Whereas today, yes, there was some dust and debris (some rejected bits of code and collections of bookmarked websites answering questions I'm no longer asking). But at the end of the day, there were a few more stones on stones than there were yesterday.

Which is why today’s title is “masonry.” It’s not a romantic, fantastic word. No one raises a flag for masonry. (Well, except maybe the Masons.) 

But masonry gets stuff done.

For instance, I figured out how to alter an ActiveRecord database table when I'd already added an email column and needed to re-add it to use the Devise gem's authentication capabilities. (The secret is t.change in your migration.) That said, today was also the day when I realized that security is not part of my minimum viable product.

Maybe "minimum viable product" should really be today's title. Or maybe I should go with my first choice and just get that tattooed on my hands so I always remember.

Because masonry gets stuff done, but it takes time.

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