Friday, October 3, 2014

MakerSquare Day 27: Oh the places they'll go! (6/4)

If I haven't already mentioned this, MakerSquare currently has two classes going in Austin, known as C8 and C9, with C9 beginning halfway through C8's 12-week run. And this is the last time--at least for now--that Austin will be hosting two simultaneous cohorts.

Which is nice in some ways: I won't have to share my room at the DevHouse with anyone from C10; now we get all of the attention from all the teachers.

But it's bad in some ways. For instance, today we went over at lunchtime to see C8's final projects. And they were pretty gosh darn good. I mean, I was proud of our hackathon project, that we made in 36 hours; but these projects that the seniors did--some in weeks, some in days-- were really kind of great.

They also gave me a pretty good shot-in-the-arm about all the project ideas I have. Yes, I have lots of ideas for apps, but one lesson I learned in creative writing: ideas are cheap. Now, after seeing all the things that people who are only 6 weeks more advanced can do, I feel like, sure, ideas are cheap and implementation is expensive, but I can pay the bills.

Or rather: the C8 demo was really both inspiring and impressive, in that I can't quite pay those bills yet, but I feel myself getting closer.

And I'm very excited for my friends and peers in C8, who inspired the title of this post.

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