Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MakerSquare Day 9: He did it his way (3/1)

Huh, I just realized that I stopped giving each day a theme. Which seems fine now because, really, how do you boil a day down to a theme?

Take today for instance: we started a new project we're calling Songify, a music/playlist manager. So we started by creating a song instance; then we created a database for those songs, along with all the methods that you would need.

(And here I'll talk about one of my strength/weaknesses: I like to do things the best way. I know, it probably sounds like I'm preparing for a job interview, but it's a true problem, and here's the example for the day: I wanted to write a method that could search by album or by artist and return all the songs that matched that category. Off the top of my head, there's a simple way to do that with some basic control flow: ask the user if they want option A or B and give two fully-written methods for each of those options. BUT! Since those options are almost identical, wouldn't it be great if you could somehow provide the switch INSIDE the meat of the method? And that's how I ended up looking around online for a while--even going so far as to post my question to Reddit.)

This program will eventually become a web application of some sort, which I know because we spent the afternoon looking at how Ruby and HTML can interact. The answer is Sinatra, which is a ... well, it's not a "framework" in the technical sense, but that's what most people call it. Curiously, whereas most work in class is hands-on coding, individually or in small groups, this was an all-class discussion and example. Which might sound relaxing, but since it was pretty new, it was pretty intense.

Luckily, I'd spent part of my lunch hour doing a little yoga with some other students, as well as playing ping pong, so I was up for the challenge.

Special bonus note: After class, I went to playtest a video game, which was very interesting--both the game and the process.

And apologies for the title of this blog post, today was full of Frank Sinatra puns and references.

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