Saturday, September 6, 2014

MakerSquare Day 8: The day we had an actual puppy in class (2/4)

I no longer could stand calling my puppy-breeder classes by that name and today I decided to rename them "PAWS," after the shelter in Chicago where I got my puppy.

Due to a change in schedule, today was entirely dedicated to that one challenge: getting our puppy-breeder (ahem: PAWS) classes to work with our PostgreSQL database.

It was interesting to sit and code on one project for so long. It was especially helpful to have the other students and the instructor just focused on this one issue (getting the Ruby to talk to the database). And I'm glad to say that it all worked out.

I'm also glad to say that we had an actual puppy in class today. One of my fellow students has a service animal, a big German Shepherd (I think) named Mischa, who was very well behaved for the whole day. Which was a cute change of pace for the class. Now we have to start thinking: what other animals can we bring to class? I'd love a trained bear who could walk on my back when it starts to get cramped. Or: how about a trained chiropractor?

Though I'll end this by noting that there's rumors of a student-led yoga session on Monday. What do you wear to a casual class that might also be a yoga session?

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