Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MakerSquare Day 14: Mondays! (4/1)

Theme: Many roads lead to the palace of wisdom. Or, in this case, the palace of correct implementation.

It's not a great theme, but that's Monday for you. My girlfriend has noted that I have certain cat-like qualities: fast reflexes, purr when chin is scratched, nuzzle when hungry, etc. Has MakerSquare finally completed the transformation and turned me into... Garfield?

Which would explain my sudden urge to mail Nermal to Abu Dhabi.

(It should also be noted that many of my cohort are too young to have marinated in the brilliance that was Garfield and Friends.)

And that long intro should indicate to you that I've had a very long day here, at Chez Code. I don't mean long in hours so much as long in content, if that makes any sense. (If it doesn't, see above comment about "long day.") 

Today started off with seeing the instructor's code for Songify 3 (subtitled: This Time It's Personal and also a Database with a Web portal on top), which was interesting. There are lots of useful ideas I got, but I also noticed that we had a lot of overlaps, which could not always be said of previous code. (::Pats self on back for learning.::)

No, wait, today started off with some Ruby challenges, then Songify (::pats self on back again::), then segued roughly into Javascript (::no pats on the back::). 

Don't get me wrong: I like Javascript and last week I had some really fun and slightly advanced implementations of a pseudo-minesweeper web game. 

(That came about when I finished some work early and the teaching fellow said, "I bet you could make this into pseudo-minesweeper." To which I responded, "Never! That's impossible! Oh, wait, I guess if I..." Which is how a lot of my projects start: "I guess I could do this... which means I could do this... which means...".) 

But today's practice was strangely difficult, and not just for me (thank god). I blame the weekend, which means that, yes, I'm back to blaming Monday, which means that, yes, I am Garfield again.

With one crucial difference: Garfield never stayed up late to run through the practices again and see how he could do better. (Or maybe he did: the cartoon was always a little vague about his evenings.)

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