Wednesday, September 17, 2014

MakerSquare Day 15: "Computers are always right and people are always wrong..." (4/2)

"...until we get it right."

That's what one of my instructors said today when we had a brief interlude of philosophical introspection about coding and humanity.

Speaking of humanity, how great, how very altruistic and communal and just plain nice is it, that many programmers put their work up online and share it. In part, it's just interesting to see people's codes and to hear their thoughts about it. But in (probably larger) part, there's the tremendous use value of these tools that people built. For instance, today, we learned about how to use Underscore for templating in Javascript, which, as far as I know, is just something some people made and made available for the rest of us. (Also, is one of the many sentences that I swear makes sense even though it looks like a bad translation.)

Also, today's project was to make a bell ringing program, which meant that our normally quiet classroom was awash in cowbells. And SNL references. Which is not a bad recipe for a day.

P.S. I just remembered, a peer and I passed some pretty terrible ping pong/computer puns around last night, like:

Lili: why does everyone request permission from the database to play ping pong? it has all the tables.

Ben: Why wasn't the Ping pong table able to play online? The net was down.

So, I'm keeping that part of my brain sharp(ish).

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