Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MakerSquare Day 20: Time is on my side (5/2)

At the beginning of our second week, I went to meetup for AustinRB to hear a talk on testing. Now, at the beginning of my fifth week, I went to a meetup for Austin on Rails to hear... well, the same talk. Not the same topic of conversation--the same talk, given by the same speaker. And, surprise surprise, I'm able to follow this talk a fair bit more after three weeks of learning.

(Also, after hearing this talk for the second time. But let's just focus on me learning.)

But besides that repeated talk, today was full of churn: new Javascript tricks, new implementation of our Checkers game, new paddles for ping pong, and a new great example of instructor trolling, when our current Javascript instructor launched today's lesson by saying

"I'm sure you all finished the console and the jQuery version of Checkers, so today we're going to bring in Backbone [a Javascript library that we haven't used yet], so you'll probably have to Google that..."

And he went on for a little while before we stopped him to say, no, we were still working on Checkers.

I guess you had to be there to understand how funny it was. But I'm honestly not sure what my favorite part of the day was: the super-cool trick I learned for connecting to my game logic to my mock web-page or our instructor trolling us just to see if we'd stop him.

No, I know: my favorite part was when our instructor started a list of things we learned yesterday and things we found challenging. I'm a sucker for lists. And also feeling like I learned something. But mostly lists.

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