Saturday, November 8, 2014

MakerSquare Day 53: Incremental (11/5)

I named this blog "Incremental Code" for the best reason of all: brand consistency. Either that or a lack of ideas.

See, my other blog--the one where I talk about movies and books (mostly)--is called Incremental Catastrophe. Which is a name I chose years ago to capture that feeling of sudden and irreversible upheaval happening very slowly.

So when I started this blog to focus on my MakerSquare time*, I went through a few ideas about what to name it before deciding that "Incremental Code" was, you know, good enough.

Which is how I've discovered that "Incremental Code" is the perfect name for a blog about coding for me.

MakerSquare's program is accelerated; and there have been times when my knowledge of these issues has gone up sharply. And there have been times when I've felt my knowledge increase barely. But if you were to draw a line of my learning, it would, overall, average out to a very reasonable, incremental increase.

Which is, coincidentally, how I would describe my coding process. Sure, there are times, usually in the shower or when falling asleep, when I am hit by sudden inspiration about how to solve some problem.**

But most of the time, I get the work done by sitting in a chair and doing the work. (That's a lesson I take into coding from my time working on fiction.) You move the code forward every day; and even an incremental process can result in a big step forward.

*Note to future MakerSquare students: writing every day may not be for everyone. But I would set yourself some schedule and stick to it. If you say, "I'll just write when I have something to say," you'll never write.

If you say, "I will write every week to summarize what I've learned," you'll find--magically--that you do have something to talk about every week. It's almost as if--as if!--putting your butt in the chair and getting to work can be productive and inspiring.

**Of course, that sudden inspiration only happens because I've been steadily working on that problem before the shower/sleep. Again: incremental.

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