Friday, November 7, 2014

MakerSquare Day 52: Ask and ye shall receive, time permitting (11/4)

I'm inspired by this recent week, when I really worked on my skills in one particular area: asking questions.

See, I've always been of the "let me try this for myself" bent. And I still am; but when it comes to web development, I've gotten better about setting myself a time limit. "Let me try this for myself--for a half hour."

And when that half-hour is up, I go find a peer or an instructor to talk through the issue. Thanks to that half-hour I spent, my questions are less  like "Help!" and more like "I'm trying to do X; I've already tried methods Y and Z and wrapped all the way around to A." So really, I'm glad that I try to do things myself.

But I'm also glad that I've gotten more comfortable asking questions about this.

I'm also glad that I've gotten more comfortable asking people for help. For instance, I reached out to someone who came to speak to us the other day, and he graciously offered to talk for an hour on the phone about some questions I had.

That's just one very concrete example of how, if you ask, sometimes you get what you need.

So, inspired by this last week, I wanted to ask you: do you have any questions?

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