Saturday, December 13, 2014

Shiny new computer, cruddy old flu, fun new Fizzbuzz in Elixir

I just updated my LinkedIn profile, so I might as well update you here: my new job is as a junior developer at Clutch Analytics, the digital invention arm of Windhaven Insurance. And this last week was my first week there.

Which makes it the perfect week for me to get the flu. Ah well, that's only tangentially related to coding, so I'll leave it at this: a slight fever might, occasionally, be helpful when studying a new language.

Another issue that's only slightly related to coding, but which I have to bring up here for other junior developers--especially those who come straight out of school without much work experience: starting a new job involves a lot of logistics, including filling out paperwork. (Note to self: fill out paperwork this weekend.)

So now I have a new(er) computer, set up with my preferred configuration; the lingering effects of a flu; some health insurance paperwork to fill out; and some fun Elixir challenges. To that end, I've (thank god) gotten back to committing to my Github, which has a new repo for Elixir challenges. The first, of course, is Fizzbuzz.

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