Saturday, December 6, 2014

Elixir Week, Day Five: Not quite as Elixiry as expected

When I titled my last blog post "Day One," I thought I would do a little Elixir each day and report on the fun things I found--

like the difference between case and cond; or how the h before a function name actually gets the documentation from the code file

--but since this week was also my last week home before moving to Austin, I've had quite a few other things to do. Like find a place to live and shower my dog with affection in the form of walks.

And also look through some Tom Green Country library books. In the future, I will create a page just for the books I've read, with some notes, both general and specific.

For instance, I read that O'Reilly book on Version Control with Git. (I do love to see which animal gets which book: Version Control is a bat.) So the general remark might be: "In-depth look at Git, more than really necessary for daily use. Excellent chapter on merge control." And some specific remarks might be "Use rm command."

(For some reason, I've never had reason to rm a file from my git index.)

And about Learning JavaScript Design Patterns, I'd probably say "Get it for the MV* chapter; though some of the other material feels a little too abstract if you're not trying to apply it to project; and some of it feels a little too concrete if ditto. Not an introductory book to design patterns."

But that seems to be the way with computer books, I find: there's a lot of danger that they'll be too abstract or too concrete or too in-depth for what you need right now.

So, you read any good books lately?

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