Monday, August 25, 2014

MakerSquare, Day 0: I arrive, mingle, shop

Theme: Known unknowns.

Tomorrow I begin 12 weeks of intensive programming and web-development at MakerSquare. So today I begin 12 weeks of intensive blogging focused on my experience.

Or semi-intensive blogging. Let's be honest: I have the goal of blogging every day, but I'm sure I will be too busy or brain-fried some days to do more than lay back on my fainting couch (note to self: get fainting couch) and gesture weakly towards some cool new thing to do with Ruby.

So this blog-a-day challenge is already crazy, let's add some extra limits: I only get to write for 15 minutes max per blog-post.

Let's start the timer and see what I can say so far.

On Sunday, I drove four hours without A/C from San Angelo to Austin. It was tremendously hard to leave my dog, who understands that luggage means bad things ("people leaving"), but doesn't understand that I'll be seeing her in just a week. I also luckily happen to be roommateless, which means I get an extra bed to throw clothes/computers on. (Somewhat necessary as I don't have a desk.)

And I'm glad that we had an extra day off, as that gave me some time to hang out with my housemates--all students with my group (C9) or the previous group (C8), with one assistant instructor who went through the course awhile ago; and gave me time to go do shopping and get ready for the week.

Because--to tie up with the theme for today's post--tomorrow is all about the unknowns. I have a vague idea about what the course will be like overall, but I don't really know what the day-by-day stuff will be. The instructors? The other students? Getting to class? There are a lot of unknowns here.

And it's kind of exciting.

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